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Ungodly - COVID-19 Shipping Updates

by Alexander Frost 24 Apr 2020
Over the last couple of weeks, you'll have noticed that our production times are taking longer and we're not as quick to respond to chats and emails. We're finding it harder to deliver as fast as usual during this pandemic.

Covid-19 has presented us with unique challenges, but we're determined to continue supporting our customers while keeping our employees safe. We believe that especially now, during this period of uncertainty, it's important to remain an outlet that you can rely on.

We've adapted to changing circumstances so far, like increasing employee safety measures and partnering with backup facilities. Now, as ecommerce sales are trending upward, we're working hard to do more. However, delays will continue until things get back to normal.

With social distancing and shelter-at-home measures in place, we can't scale up as quickly as normally have. People are adjusting to new routines and returning to ecommerce, and weeks-long delays are being felt industry-wide.

Here's what we're doing to manage:
- We're increasing our capacity in Europe and continuing to route orders to where they'll be fulfilled most efficiently. Fulfillment times at our EU facility are currently shorter than in the US.
- Although fulfillment services are also experiencing delays, we're looking for more backup facilities to partner with both in the US and Europe.

Your support means a lot to us, especially during this time. Stay safe and take care of yourselves. 

Thank you,

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